Art Program

At Fletcher Early Learning Centre we cultivate innovative thinking through the arts. Miss Katie, our Atelier educator is a passionate, innovative creative force who has rewritten our world of creativity through her wonderous, magical, unique and quirky art sessions.

Each art session is an interactive and lively process where children are engaged, reflective, creative and curious learners.

Through using a wide range of both familiar and unconventional media, materials and interactive art installations, children are given the chance to have an absolutely fantastic, fun and creative experience. All the while  working to become more comfortable, confident and skilled at using their work to represent their emotions, ideas, thoughts, discoveries and understandings of their world.

Our atelier sessions are based around process art where our creative adventures are focused on the experience, the ideas, engaging imaginations, invoking wonder, thinking with innovation, developing communication and enjoying magical moments all whilst learning to manipulate and create with a diverse range of materials.

Children learn that there is no right or wrong way when it comes to their creativity, the work they produce is as individual and unique as each of them.

Children’s ideas and imaginations begin scaffolding as they create, this is where the true magic happens and the adventure begins.

Thinking unconventionally leads to children inventing new ways of working with the materials and mediums leading towards even further spirited innovation in their learning across all areas.

An important aspect of our creative sessions is sensory play.

This is a key motivator behind language development, expressive language and communicating feelings and emotions. These types of experiences allow children to learn with their whole body exploring the feel, look, smell, taste and sound of different objects, mediums and materials. We use light, shadow, reflection, colour, natural and authentic materials to inspire and excite children’s mind, body and spirit.

The goal of our creative sessions are ultimately to help each child flourish and reach their full potential. Empowering them to feel valued, capable and to realise they play the role of creator in their own lives and futures.

Art sessions are on a four-week rotating roster so that all children attending our centre are able to participate and explore their creativity in new and wonderous ways.

Each photo has been captured throughout art sessions held here at Fletcher Early Learning and Montessori.